I Have Been Waiting For This…


Hey All its another blog for another day…I want to chat about my 2 tv shows I watched last night one being FX’s Tudors and the other being NBC’s Heroes…lets start with Heroes…



The Heroes episode was set 5 years in the future after the bomb in New York had gone off and what subsequently happened to all the Heroes after that big even and what was so awesome about this episode was the acting and the continue of the story. Hiro was a terrorist in the eyes of Matt Parkman but in reality he was just trying to help out the most gifted of the Heroes i.e DL, Candice and Molly but unfortunately Sylar had gotten to Candice and DL and sliced them open up proper and good, on the subject of Sylar he finally got his hands on Claire’s brain after he made himself into Nathan Petrelli but of course he had already killed him as well and acquired his power so it really wasn’t going good for the world that someone who they fear Sylar was now the president and noone knew because if you did you were already dead. At the end Peter and Sylar got to meet again and not before he told Peter that he killed his brother and became him and then of course came the amazing battle we didn’t see tho I wish we did because both used their nuclear powers well Peter has nuclear power but Sylar has ice!!!….anyway all in all it was fucking awesome…best thing on telly all year!!! 🙂


So now onto the Tudors where it progressed on the story around Henrys idea to divorce Catherine of Aragon but as history shows the church wouldn’t agree to it unless the pope gave the ok and as the episode ended we weren’t sure if he had agreed to it but again as history said he did. Also in the episode Anne Boleyn got closer to Henry but he promised he wouldnt seal the bedroom deal until he marrie her legally and the sad part of the episode was when Henrys Bastard son died of the Sweat Sickness and it was his next in line to the throne so its back to the drawing board on that!!!…this series is particularly awesome because I always loved the Tudor era and its gonna be on BBC 2 Soon!!!



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